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RocktheWorld with LinkedInYou can make your url anything you want, as long as someone else does not already have it

You know, we are quickly making our way to two years on radio here. It has been such an adventure. It all began way back when we met Brasco at a conference. So many people have never met their producers in person because of the virtual nature of the broadcasts, but we have had beers with ours!

Lately we have been noticing a trend that really needs to be corrected on LinkedIn. Please take a careful look at your public profile url, and make sure you didn’t end up with something that is an awful looking string of numbers and letters! It is possible to edit your url in your profile edit mode. Just take a look at the picture below. You can make your url anything you want, as long as someone else does not already have it.

As a note, when you go to that url, you will be brought to the public profile. There is, however, a yellow ‘view full profile’ button on the page. If you login to LinkedIn,  just click this button to be able to see the person’s information.

Today we had the chance to chat with Tristan Lewis of Keepskor. Tristan had quite the history to tell us about. Apparently he had the opportunity to spend his childhood in Tahiti, France, Spain, and the United States. He described Tahiti as heavenly, and it is definitely a place Lori and I plan on heading one day.

Tristan got his start on Wall Street. He found that he was not satisfied with such a high stress job and preferred to work with start ups. Quickly he found he had an interest and talent in designing games based on real world events. From there, he started to develop the idea to create a platform that would allow people to create their own games to play with friends. There was no one creating such a platform, so he began to work on one.

We discussed gamers a bit. Lori loves video games, and can be quite the competitive woman! Apparently she is the type of gamer who loves achivements : winning points, accomplishing levels, ect. There are other types of gamers as well. There are some who love the communal aspect, but there are others who are known as ‘killers’. They not only want to win, they want to make sure everyone else loses.

This was an amazing conversation that we wish could have lasted longer. To hear more make sure to check out the broadcast, and all our archives, at!

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