Tips from @LinkedInDiva – When NOT to Send a LinkedIn Introduction


Recently an acquaintance on LinkedIn was interested in being introduced to a third level connection. Unfortunately on LinkedIn some wires got crossed. Using LinkedIn to expand your network is excellent, but there are definitely ways you do not want to go about it. If there is another means to be introduced to a third level connection, definitely do it. If you must request an introduction, take care that it does not go through any sort of competitor or manager.  I have posted the messages below to help you all avoid these same errors!



I see you were trying to connect with me today in which you have expressed interest in our candidate Angie for one of your open positions. Are you interested in making a shared placement together? If so I will call her and make the introduction and get you her updated resume.

Let me know,


Dear [name],

I believe there may be a mixup. I had actually reached out to Lori Ruff to see if she would be able to make an introduction. Sorry for the confusion.




Wow – I’m sorry [name]! When you send an introduction request to a third level connection, LinkedIn gives you an option of who to send it through if you have more than one way to get to them, but they don’t allow us to choose who to send it though. Angie is a third level contact to you and Melissa popped up as the person to send the message through. I’m directly connected to her and she’s connected to Angie.

If you have a paid account I’d recommend using inmails for third level connections in the future. If you don’t have a paid account, you can purchase inmails, or if you can send me the person’s profile url, I can send one on your behalf.

Hope this works out!


I hope that helps you with your networking goals, and as always, Rock On!

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