Tips from @LinkedInDiva: Moderating Non-Member Group Comments



On LinkedIn Answers the other day I came across an interesting question:

In my group, KdL Web2.0, I got an request to approve a non-member’s discussion, but […] I want to see at least SOME of the discussion before approving it. Fair, right? Okay, well I can click through to the link she provided, which is for reference only. I cannot click through to [name]’s actual discussion. All I see is the lead-in…
Is this yet another LinkedIn “GOOF?” Why would I approve a guest discussion – without seeing any of the CONTENT of it? Nonsense, right?

The situation does sound a bit strange. I responded initially with:

Let’s start with your group settings. The most open form for an open group is that you can choose to let non-members comment on discussions and submit dicsussions for approval.

***Group Settings***

Anyone on LinkedIn:
*Free to post comments, and submit discussions for approval.
*Submit both comments & discussions for approval.
*Submit comments for approval only (no discussions allowed).
*No contributions allowed.

What LinkedIn shows you is a portion of the discussion or comment to be moderated and the link to “see more…” if it won’t fit in the preview area. If that link isn’t available, it may be a bug but more likely there is a simpler explanation.

However, until I can see what’s actually going on, I can’t advise what that might be. I’d be thrilled to do a screen share via Skype with you. We offer people a free 30-minute consult. You can get LOTS of questions answered in that amount of time.

Rock On!

LinkedIn groups should allow the comments to be viewed before being approved. I hope this user will agree to a Skype chat, as I am sure there is an explanation for the problem. On the other hand, there have been bugs in the past that LinkedIn has had to work out, and they can only be discovered through their users!