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Listen to the February 21, 2011 show!

RocktheWorld with LinkedInWithin minutes of making changes to your profile, you can run searches on LinkedIn and see how the change influences your page ranking

Last year we actually did two interviews with our friends Guy Powell and Steve Groves, the authors of The ROI of Social Media, they just had so much insight and wisdom to share! We were going through our archives and thought this broadcast, where we focused on hiring social media experts and building teams, was important enough that we should draw it to the attention our audience again.

We began by discussing some features we love about LinkedIn. One is that when you make a change to your profile, within minutes you can run searches on LinkedIn and see how the change influences your page ranking. There are instant stats available, such as page views and the number of times you appear in searches, that allow you to monitor how you are doing. With search engines like Google, you may have to wait months before the program ‘sees’ your changes and adjusts accordingly. When updating your profile, always run these searches to help you stay on top of these rankings.

With Steve and Guy we got down to business discussing strategies for companies looking to begin a social media campaign. We asked for suggestions as to how someone should go about hiring an expert, if they know nothing about social media themselves. They believe that those in the company should enter the social media campgain with some education. Understand that some aspects of company culture, such as transparency, may have to change. You are changing your marketing strategy, no longer developing ads and sending them out, you now seek to converse with customers. Also, do not delegate the responsibility of presenting the company to the public to someone low down in the company without making sure there are specific and understood policies as to what can and should be spoken about.

There are also different aspects of the social media lifestyle those involved should be aware of. The world is really 24/7 now, and often customers want to communicate outside of business hours, and you will have to be prepared. With instant communication you also want to have a good idea about what is being said, especially about you. It is a good idea to have some sort of monitoring device such as social mention in place to keep track of the conversation.

Steve and Guy are amazing social media experts with so much to teach us all. This is definitely an interview worth going back to listen to! And be sure to check out their book if you have not already!

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