Take Control of your Credit at the Kitchen Table


A few weeks ago, I was talking to a long-time friend, Darrell Hornbacher. He’s been helping micro and small businesses find loans and funding for years, which often includes repairing credit for those business owners. I was telling him about a major project for which we hoped to get funding help.

He said, “Lori, I could help you get ready to seek funding, but I’d love for you to give this a try.” He handed me his new book. In it, he said he put the recipe for real credit repair, the same formula he’s used to help thousands of people get ready for funding. I asked him, “What’s up?”

He said: “Okay, so here’s the deal with zero hype:

“It’s a proven fact that 178 million Americans have credit problems. Most don’t do anything about it because of cost (full service credit repair cost $1,000-$2,000) or embarrassment.

“National studies have shown that over 80% of the items on a credit report are inaccurate or were put there illegally. There are so many people that need our help, but individually we can’t make a real difference on a massive scale.

“So, I have spent the last six months writing this complete step-by-step do-it-yourself credit repair guide. I’ve taken the exact same letters that our attorneys and paralegals use successfully every day and put them in the guide for consumer use. It works! It’s the exact same process that my full service company has used to repair the credit of over 38,000 people.

“I’d like you to try it, and if it works, share it with your followers. I’ve priced it at $97 so it’s affordable for everyone who wants the help.”

“Darrell,” I said, “you’re brilliant! I’ll give it a try and let you know what happens.”

I went home, dat at the kitchen table, and got to work. I pulled our credit report and was astonished at some of the information I found that I knew was not right. Within weeks, we saw a difference and now we’re well on our way to be able to confidently take the next step toward our financing goals.

Credit scores affect us all. Very few people have perfect credit, and in this economy who can afford to pay extra interest or penalties for less than perfect credit?

Darrell has done a great thing, he has put the power to understand and control credit scores back in our hands. Mike and I have definitely added our names to the list of those who thank him for it.

Are you looking for help too? Here’s where you can get it: www.KitchenTableCredit.com.


  • rwisehar

    I’m in!  Thanks for the information!

  • Eagle1

    Thank you Lori.  Eye opening video.  Looking forward to getting the book.