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RocktheWorld with LinkedIn

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RocktheWorld with LinkedIn

To build a large, relevant network, find people who are interested in what you do, people you can collaborate with.

This week we got to sit down at speak with Noah Rickun, an amazing speaker and trainer. We first met Noah online when he became my 30,000 connection on LinkedIn. At the time he was the CEO of Jeffrey Gitomer’s training company, and Lori and I were big fans!. He and Lori then met in person for the first time when she was in Charlotte around Christmas of 2010.

Many people look at these networks that Lori and I have built and wonder how to find so many relevant connections. Our best advice on this front is to find people who are interested in what you do, people you can collaborate with. We like to work with people through guest blogging (like we do over at LinkedIntelligence), writing chapters of books, being guests on other radio shows, and similar projects.

It is so important to find an avenue for your voice. If you don’t have your own blog or website, see if you can guest post on others. If you do, look for people to guest post on your own page! If you contact us, we might even be able to do a guest post for you and help drive traffic to your blog.

During our interview with Noah, we got to chat about our experiences as speakers. Noah left his job at Jeffrey Gitomer’s because he really preferred training sales people and speaking.

We connected about how we all enjoy being able to form relationships with your audience. When they can relate to what you are saying onstage, you are creating something special. Noah likes to reach out to people even long before his talks, and get personal with his audience about how he can help them individually.

We were very different about our preference of time slots, though. We prefer to speak either right after lunch (we will get that crowd going again!), or right before happy hour. People are often surprised that we want to stay for any networking events, but that is when we find the most business gets done! Noah actually prefers early mornings to speak (our least favorite slot) because he believes people are then the most attentive.

To hear from some more awesome speakers and get some great tips, remember to tune in Mondays at 7pm. Until then, Rock On!

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