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Rock The World With LinkedIn Radio Show


Listen to the September 12, 2011 show!

Rock The World With LinkedIn Radio Show

We cannot believe we have been rocking out with you guys for a year on our radio show!

September 12, 2011

What an amazing year it has been. We have had the opportunity to interview incredible guests that have really offered our listeners some great tips when it comes to social media and LinkedIn. One of the best parts about having a radio show is really the connection you get to have with your guests.

To celebrate our one year anniversary, we have highlighted some of the interviews we have done over the past year as well as developing a trivia quiz that you can complete for the chance to win an awesome prize! (Hint: many answers are contained in our one year anniversary show!)

We started the year off with an interview with T.A. McCann, who really set the bar high. His company at the time, Gist, allows you to check up on people with out having to go everywhere. For people who have thousands of contacts, you can prioritize them based on who you contact the most, who you are connected to in multiple places, and who is working with you on various projects.

Later in the year we moved to interviews with Winn Schwartau and Axel Shultz. Now these guests expressed some interesting opinions on the issue of privacy with social media.

Winn is a very private guy. As he said, he doesn’t put things on LinkedIn that isn’t already public knowledge, and when it comes to Facebook he has his birthday set as 1909 (which helps keep him out of marketing campaigns!) and he doesn’t advertise much.

Axel, one of the earliest members of LinkedIn, believes that openness is the key to the functioning of social media. He realized its potential when he saw the power of virtual introduction; he had quickly become a second degree connection with just about anybody!

One of our guests, David Bullock, has even connected to President Barak Obama and comes up when you search for the president.

Guy Powell and Steven Groves, authors of ROI of Social Media say that it is definitely important for companies to be involved with what gets published about them in social media. The job shouldn’t just be delegated to someone low on the ladder without any input from upstairs; there should be guidelines about what is to be revealed.

Our guest Jim Mueller managed to give us some great tips on creating email lists. I have been working on this project for the LinkedIn Rockstars for a long time, but he offered some great advice on moving forward with the idea. What is funny was that we taped that all without either of us realizing the tape was still rolling! It was like a behind – the – scenes interview.

Mike O'Neil and Lori Ruff with Xiren

Mike O'Neil and Lori Ruff with Xiren after a show in Denver CO

We have some great stuff planned for this next year. We are going to continue to interview musical guests, like Xiren on the fifth Mondays of the months, and we have some great musicians planned for you. We also plan to focus in on CEOs of companies that really do a lot to expand the functionality of LinkedIn, companies’ application programming interface is definitely the next big thing. So stay tune in, and ROCK ON!

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