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RocktheWorld with LinkedIn

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RocktheWorld with LinkedInThere are some people whose professions require them to be careful about how they present themselves on social media sites, so how to navigate this legal minefield?

November 23, 2011 LinkedIn offers so many opportunities for networking as individuals and as companies. There are some people, though, whose professions require them to be careful about how they present themselves on social media sites. Many are understandably nervous about navigating this potential minefield, and that’s why companies such as Hellerman Baretz Communications exist.

We had the chance to interview two awesome people from Hellerman, John Hellerman and Viveka von Rosen, who are experts at helping professionals with social media. Their company is geared towards professionals and bringing them into the digital age, getting them online, and helping them demonstrate expertise with clients.

John explained to us that every market has unique issues, that those in fields such as the legal field, have ethical and legal issues that are not applicable elsewhere. Their company offers step by step instructions, which helps make their clients feel more reassured about what they are doing, and gives them a sense of control over their online presence.

They find great value in teaching their clients how to use LinkedIn groups. Groups are where you get to communicate, and  they love to teach how to use groups to build networks and connect. There is something for everyone when it comes to groups, from large groups, such as the ABA, so smaller, hobby groups. The trick is to use them correctly.

We also spoke about the value of some apps, such as the Events app. You can use them to find ways to meet with clients, gather information about conferences, and so much more. Tip: you can find LinkedIn apps by going to the top navigation bar, clicking ‘more’, then ‘get more applications’, and scrolling through. Sometimes the apps change order, so make sure you look all the way through!

There was so much information in this interview. We HIGHLY recommend you go back and listen multiple times to get all the tips covered.

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