LinkedIn Fallacy Number 4: That’s One Snazzy Photo! Whose is it?


Finding a profile picture for any social media site can be challenging. It is such and important aspect of a profile, though, and so easy to mess up. Countless people have described themselves as ‘not being photogenic enough’, or just not having a good photo of themselves. To compensate, they don’t use a picture at all, use a stock photo, or use a photo with a lot of distractions in it, one where you might not even be able to pick the person out of a group.


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These are all big mistakes! Your profile picture is your opportunity to make a personal connection with your audience. We once had an interviewee on our radio show that described a headshot as making virtual eye contact. Headshots are definitely the best profile picture, and you want to keep it simple. You don’t want a busy background (plain white is best) or anything to crazy outfit-wise (for men open collar business shirt, women can be a bit more creative but still in the business realm).


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Pictures are such a valuable asset on your LinkedIn profile. Studies have shown time and again how much better people react to personal pictures, and how much more often your profile will be clicked on if you utilize this feature. Don’t hide yourself with your picture, use it as an opportunity to reach out and shake hands with your reader.