How those cute LinkedIn Profile Symbols came to be



We LinkedIn Rockstars like to give tips on how to make your profile standout on LinkedIn. You want to catch people’s eyes, make them interested in you, and communicate your personality.


One of the simplest things you can do is integrate symbols to help draw attention to particular areas. This idea has spread within the LinkedIn community, but it was a bit of an experiment getting started!

I was leading a LinkedIn training workshop in 2007 and showing how to copy/paste text from Word into LinkedIn profiles. It was a novel thought at the time. People were used to typing text right into LinkedIn, usually just a few words.

I had created a bullet list in Word and did the copy/paste and IT TOOK! I had to take out some extra spaces, but it worked, there were actual bullets in there now! It looked spectacular. It was professional, organized, and drew the eye right to the list.Using bullet points on LinkedIn

A very insightful attendee approached me after the class and wondered if we could paste these bullets into profiles, then we could maybe paste in other things as well.

I spent hours that night testing and tasting like a chef, exploring the Microsoft Symbols library. I copied in hundreds of Symbols into Word, then copied/pasted them into my LinkedIn profile. Some took; some did not. Some looked good; MOST did not.

I created a list of my 10 favorites and did a blog post on it. That caught fire for a while, people started adopting this concept, and now we see all these beautiful Symbols all over LinkedIn. These are a few favorites:


│ ▌ ◊ ► ◄↔ ♦ • ★ ☆



My personal favorite is ♫ but you better be able to “back it up” if you use it. Put in some things about your musical tastes/experiences – bands, singers, concerts, maybe even a clip of your own musical creation. Be creative!


So, to STANDOUT on LinkedIn, try using some of these special Symbols in your Headline, Summary, Contact Settings, and anywhere else you want to draw special attention to something important. And share what symbols you use that you found work.

Use these in your Call To Action! It has a REAL ROI (return on investment)!



  • LoriRuff

    My favorite is the star but I use it sparingly so it’s attractive rather than a distraction!