#EntryLevelTweet 35: Don’t let employers think that you are savvy if you are not.

Christine M Ruff

Instead, highlight skills in which you are proficient.

It is easy for most job seekers to come up with a list of skills and abilities. We post them on our resume, LinkedIn profile, social media websites, and blogs. We can even recite them at a social networking event or interview. That leaves one question: what skills are you actually proficient in?

You should never include a skill or ability that you know nothing about. That is flat out lying. As far as skills and abilities that you are less experienced with, you should be honest. It is fine to list these lighter skills, but make sure that you clarify at the interview that these are minor skills. The skills and abilities that are your strengths and that you have the most experience with should be first on your list.

Be prepared if your potential employer asks which skills are your best. If they do not ask, then make sure that you mention where your strengths are. If you need to shorten your resume or online social media profile, then taking off minor skills first is a good idea.

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