#EntryLevel Tweet 3: Don’t be ashamed of asking for help when you need it.

Christine M Ruff

If you don’t ask, then you will not receive.

You should always ask if you need help. If you are looking for a job, learning a new skill on the job, trying to get enough people for a project at work – whatever the case – then you should seek assistance. You can ask a mentor, supervisor, coworker, or friend. If you have a more personal need – if you are moving or need a babysitter – then you can still ask for help. You just might want to ask family and friends for that type of thing.

Even if you do not think that you need help at work or home, include others in your life by asking for their assistance. Relationships are built on shared experiences, so giving others the opportunity to assist you and share in your efforts can build that.

Many hands really does make light work. If you do not ask for help, then you will not receive any.

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