Culture Shock in China; Music Industry Stories – RockTheWorldRadio Recap with @lastbabyboomer Dan Stepel and @ScottAllen

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RocktheWorld with LinkedInBuilding trust on LinkedIn can be the key to success, just follow the advice of Scott Allen!

This week’s show we did in two parts: the first was an awesome continuation of our conversation last week with Dan Stepel, who has been living in China (when not travelling) and the second part we discussed great tips with LinkedIntelligence’s Scott Allen.

The conversation with Dan was actually recorded after we finished last week’s show. We started chatting about music and more personal stuff, and wanted to share it with you! This was a real behind the show conversation.

Dan is a Jersey boy (born in Newark) and as such, has a strong affinity for Bruce Springsteen. He has seen him perform countless times, and loves how even though he became incredibly famous, he was always just a boy from Jersey. This led to a discussion on how hard it is to find quality artists nowadays. Occasionally artists will reach out to Lori for our 5th Monday show (when we feature musical quests), but a lot of them make her go ‘ehhhh’. We were also amazed to learn that Dan’s uncle was Steven Wax, Tony Orlando’s first manager. Tony had even named his band Dawn after Dan’s cousin Dawn!

We then came back from a commercial break with Scott Allen on an expert segment. We have been discussing with his seven ways to build trust on LinkedIn. The first three had been previously covered, but to review they are : be proactive about making recommendations, add value to introduction requests (don’t just forward message, try to think of ways to help your connections hit it off), and answer questions well.

This week we spoke about the importance of the next four. One, you should respond in a timely manner. It is important to at least check your messages and intro requests daily, so make sure you receive email notifications for them. Two, help contacts use LinkedIn effectively. If you see someone with a weak profile, ask them if you can help, or point them in the direction of LinkedIntelligence or IntegratedAlliances. Three, be proactive about making introductions. Think about people who could really benefit to meet, and introduce them. Finally, at number four, use LinkedIn to enhance face to face networking. If you are going on a business trip, see if there are other contacts in the area you could meet with at the same time.

We had a fun first half of the show and some helpful tips in the second! Remember to tune in each week on Mondays at 7pm ET for more on LinkedIn!

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