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Listen to the February 22, 2012 show!

RocktheWorld with LinkedInTo be a good sales person, you need to be genuine.

We are so excited, there are so many awesome things happening! On June 8 Roger Waters and The Wall are going to be at Rigley Field in Chicago, which is a favorite city of ours. It is, after all, were we launched our book. In other news, there is going to be big stuff happening soon for company pages. We can’t say what it is exactly, but we do think you will love it.

Finally, we had a chance to chat with an awesome friend of ours, Erik Luhrs of the GURUS Selling System. Now Eric didn’t just jump on the ‘gurus’ bandwagon where everyone is an expert. Rather, GURUS is an acronym of Genuine self, Unique sales persona, Rapport building, Unique buying position, and Sales ally. We all agree, to be a good sales person, you need to be genuine. As the LinkedIn Rockstars, we always advise those we meet to present their true personalities on LinkedIn. Talk about your hobbies, interests, and what ever else you can connect with people on.

Eric advises people to think about their ‘true contrarian position’. Don’t make up differences between you and the sales guy next to you. Instead, think of the area where everyone says A but you say B, and you can back it up with logic. This is the area where you stand out, and where you want to market yourself to clients.

When you think about the content you want to present, say what you truly think. If everyone thinks you are nice, you are doing something wrong. Use genuine communication to present your genuine self.

Also, think of selling like a live concert. If you own all the CDs of a band, what is the point of going to a concert? You go to see the artist live, to have the experience. It is the same with selling. In person is always best, but when you are meeting online, present as accurate a portrayal of yourself as possible.

Eric gave us some great advice. Remember to tune in next Monday at 7pm for more awesome LinkedIn tips!


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