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RocktheWorld with LinkedInA leader is a shepherd who guides a group that doesn’t even realize they are being led

Today we took LinkedIn international! We had a chance to sit down and chat with Jorge Zuazola. Jorge is originally Spanish, but has also lived in the United States, London, and is now in Germany. He is the founder of many popular business websites, such as and, as well as the author of LinkedIn Should Reach 500 Million Users, Are You Networked In or Networked Out?

Now Jorge had an interesting start to his LinkedIn career. He began by realizing his LinkedIn connections could help him meet his heroes, and in his quest his international ties exploded. He had awesome stories to recount of using his contacts to connect while travelling for soccer matches, and reminded us how much fun LinkedIn can really be!

In his networking, Jorge focuses on sending invitations to those he admires and offering them the value he presents. In doing so, he has begun to inspire other people to follow his example, and those that want to be leaders in their respective countries are networking with other leaders and creating country-wide leadership sites. He says that at first people are a little unsure of the value of LinkedIn overseas. Some people say it is too American, that it is over saturated, and they fail to see what people would have to gain. Slowly, though it is beginning to catch on and people like Jorge are leading the charge.

Since Jorge is a LinkedIn leader overseas, we asked him about his perceptions of what a leader is. He recounted to us the story when an acquaintance recommended he read a book about Nelson Mandela. He was unsure of the value, since he didn’t know the person that well, but went ahead and found the best definition of a leader: A shepherd who guides a group that doesn’t even realize they are being led. It just demonstrates how much a new connection can help inspire you, and how important it is to respond when someone reaches out; you never know what you might learn.

This was a wonderful conversation that I highly recommend you listen to in its entirety. Remember to tune in each with on Mondays at 7pm, and until next week, Rock On!

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